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12 new remixes which push the source material even further: club primetime house and techno, the warehouse afterparty, IDM, shoegaze and fully deconstructed ambient by a crew of Greene’s friends and family.

Dawn Chorus — Live

Live — Dawn Chorus


“It’s Jacques Greene operating on an entirely new level —
his fullest and glossiest work to date, from the rapturous
opening track ‘Serenity’ to the outward expanse of ‘Stars.’”



"intimate and immense...
a new era for Jacques Greene "
— Pitchfork

Dawn Chorus
the second album from Jacques Greene
contributions include Brian Reitzell (Lost In Translation)
Clams Casino, Oliver Coates, Ebhoni, Rochelle Jordan
Art Direction by Hassan Rahim

"Greene's invention consistently
sparkles and startles"
— The Wire

“If this isn't Jacques Greene's magnum opus,
we'll be very curious to hear what is”
— Exclaim

"Working on something innately cerebral and
wholly physical, genre-less and a style of its own,
Jacques Greene never fails to surprise"
— Clash Magazine
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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